Book Review: A Court Of Frost And Starlight – Sarah J. Maas

synopsis 2

Feyre, Rhys, and their close-knit circle of friends are still busy rebuilding the Night Court and the vastly-changed world beyond. But Winter Solstice is finally near, and with it, a hard-earned reprieve. Yet even the festive atmosphere can’t keep the shadows of the past from looming. As Feyre navigates her first Winter Solstice as High Lady, she finds that those dearest to her have more wounds than she anticipated–scars that will have far-reaching impact on the future of their Court.


My Thoughts 2


I wasn´t a huge fan of the first 3 books. What was there to be a fan of? Stealing major parts from other successful stories and adding them to an already good story isn´t going to win any plus points from me. ( review- ACOTAR, ACOMAFACOWAR )

So, why did I read `A Court Of Frost And Starlight`( A Court Of Thorns And Roses # 3.1) by Sarah J. MaasA Court Of rost And Starlight?

Because I have hope. That´s all.

I don´t know why but I feel like the autor is just holding back. I could be wrong, though. Let´s hope I´m not wrong. Let´s keep our fingers crossed that the author will write a book that doesn´t have Rhys and Feyre ( MCs from books 1 – 3 ) in it.

I´m not going to beat around the bush with this one.

A Court of Frost and Starlight wasn´t fully a waste of time but it wasn´t a mandatory read, either. It was a book for devoted fans of the series.
When a blogger buddy ( it was Sabrina  @5171 Miles Book Blog )sent me a Whatsapp with the cover I felt my blood pressure rise. ANOTHER ONE? Good Lord above. Aren´t Rhys and Feyre ever going to call it a day? I thought the whole story was done after book #3 – It sure felt like everything was over.

Apparently not. So, as the good blogger I am…. I didn´t bother buying the paperback and went straight for the kindle version and began reading.

The truth? The ugly truth?
This book is about exchanging presents. Nothing more. It´s less about how the characters dealt with their lives after the great war ( although that was mentioned… if only a little ) and more about what each character was going to gift the other in great detail.

A shame, really, because the author had SO many options she could have chosen from for this book to make this an exciting read.

If it weren´t for the Nesta and Cassian scenes I would have eaten my carpet out of pure frustration.
Nesta and Cassian have a really gripping story going on and their spotlight is far over-due.  Unfortunately, Nesta and Cassian´s story is an over shadowed side story at the moment.

The author created SO MANY characters… she could have easily given a few more some major spotlight. But she didn´t. And now I´m not satisfied at all.


Would I recommend this book? No. Because 1) it cannot be read as a standalone. One has to read the other 3 bricks to understand this read. 2) It´s basically for the hardcore ACOTAR ninjas. If you are not a fully devoted ACOTAR fan nor a fan of having to start at book 1 to understand book 3.1 then I simply cannot recommend this read.

Would I re – read this book? No.


The Cover – 4 stars ( My favorite cover from the whole series so far. )

The Story – 2 stars  ( Not really what I would call a story when you get to read about Faeries going shopping for gifts. Nesta and Cassian saved the day )

The Characters – 2 stars ( My feelings haven´t changed for the characters so far.  All I´m now asking for is to be able to read more about Nesta and Cassian because those are the only 2 characters with substance. I wouldn´t mind seeing a bit more from Tamlin, if I´m honest. His character has so much potential.)

My emotional state after finishing this read – Feeling disappointed.

2 stars

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Mug Monday & Bookmark Talk


Krasilnikoff; Brightest Star Mug, Pink

Topic Of The Day



Hi and welcome to Mug Monday!

With all life´s chaos dealt with I thought it might be a great idea to sit back, kick my shoes off and just enjoy the fact that I´m existing. To take a week to do absolutely nothing besides stare holes into the air and appreciate the little things in life- Something I really enjoy doing.

The weather has been improving ( that´s a lie. Our weather is a little confused lately. 15°C with rain yesterday and 26 °C and sunny today) and since I´m a person who likes to sit outside and just enjoy my natural growing garden ( the lawn mower is still broken ) I actually took my new lifestyle book out and began reading under the burning sun.


While I was enjoying reading about the Danish way to live it suddenly dawned on me that I bought new bookmarks!

Yes. Bookmarks. The things I don´t usually buy because I´m one of those creative people who uses toilet paper and other wonderful objects to mark a place in a book.

Here´s my special list of  12 Things You Can Use As Bookmarks. 

But that´s over. Done with. I´m trying to be more organized now.

And since I can´t find the 1 million bookmarks I already have I started buying new ones. Fancy ones. Practical ones.


Fine…. They don´t look fancy per se, but they´re fancy compared to 3 layered toiletpaper.

What I love most about my new purchase is: the bookmarks have a rubber band that goes around a book, as well! That band keeps the book closed and prevents the bookmark from falling out ( which has also happened to me a few times )!

An absolute win situation for me.

Here´s to new bookmarks and trying to use them!


Much Love,

Morgana xx






Instagram – Meet The New Book Box

1 year and 4 months.

Wow. That´s how long my Book Box on Instagram lasted. Pretty inpressive, if you ask me. I thought I´d give up much quicker. But I set a goal and I even reached beyond that goal. Now…

It´s time, though, to slowly send the old book box into retirement and let the new generation take over.

But before I introduce you to the new addition let´s take a moment to appreciate the old one.

book box

Old and beaten but still wonderful. When I started out taking pics with this box it still had 4 removable legs.

Now, the box has one leg missing ( it´s somewhere in the field in the next village ) and 2 legs broke off. The box now has one remaining leg.

I will miss using this box. Not so much the fact that it´s a real pain in the ass to carry it around ( because, it truly was a tad bulky and didn´t fit into any backpack or bag ). No. I´ll miss using this for creativity purposes.

The box will stay a part of my deco in the house.

As for the new kid on the block…

It´s much smaller. Much handier. It fits in all my bags and doesn´t take up half the space in my car trunk.

The box itself is smaller than a large paperback book. But don´t worry. I wasn´t planning on stuffing a book inside the box anyways.

Morgana´s Book Box on Instagram is getting a tiny make over with this little cute baby.


book box 2

Isn´t it cute?

The little inscript on the lower left corner? IT WAS ALREADY THERE! * faint *

As if some higher power wanted me to put the first book box out of it´s misery. And besides, a million ideas flooded my brain when my eyes caught this little gem. A win / win for me 2x over.

Normally, I dislike replacing stuff with new things ( because if it´s not broke, there´s no need for a replacement). In this case, though… It was kind of necessary.


So, there ya have it. Be sure to stay tuned for more, new Instagram features  with and without the new book box.

If you haven´t already then just click here and say hi.

I´d love to chat.

Much love,

Morgana ❤

Stop Interrupting The Reader

Being interrupted while reading – There´s nothing more aggravating.

I actually hate when someone interrupts me in my moment of peace, solitude, escape.

Not only do I read because I like to read, I also read because reading takes me away from the one thing I want to get away from: Stress or life in general.

The feeling of diving into a new world and being able to envision a life I wish existed is something magical. When I´m into a story I´m truly invested. When someone comes and does the unthinkable…. I, then, also want to do the unthinkable.

But I don´t. All I do is throw nasty glares or annoyed faces or raise an eyebrow. Nothing helps, though. Some people can´t take a hint. Or, they don´t want to.

throughout the years I´ve come up with different strategies on how to avoid being ripped away from my reading session. I´ve done the ” Not now.” and I´ve even held up my index finger to silence the person interrupting. I´ve even gone into hiding… but they always find me.

interrupt pic

This is why I´ve now been forced to create a list of people who annoy the BLEEP out of me. My new list is called People Who Need To Go Away.

And high on my People Who Need To Go Away list is my beloved Mother In – law.

I love to read outside, on the patio. It´s a place where I´m surrounded by bushes, plants and food I haven´t managed to kill with my non-existent green thumb. My little piece of heaven, if you will. The only problem with my heaven is… I can´t hide. You see, we live next door to my husbands parents. We have separate properties. Our gardens are separated by a flimsy wooden fence. And I swear on all that´s pink and fluffy… every time I´m outside reading a book my mother in – law feels the need to come over. But she doesn´t just come over. She actually sits, then sighs and asks for something to drink and wants to talk knowing perfectly well that I was reading. I mean –  I wouldn´t dream of interrupting someone if their nose was stuffed between pages.

I get it. She´s bored. Being retired can´t be all that flashy but for the love of God…. She´s an avid reader too. WHY do that to me? Why think it´s a good idea to bug me while I´m reading an important scene?

interrupt pic 3

I assure you all that I do not have a “I need attention” sign flashing over my head, nor do I have a sign hanging around my neck that states the same.


” I know you´re reading but I have to tell you something.”


Another candidate on my People Who Need To Go Away list is my husband. The man I vowed to love and cherish for the rest of our lives together.

If he keeps interrupting me then I see a dark future ahead of us.

interrupt pic 2

I love him. I truly do. But he has this thing about him that annoys the fickle out of me.
Some time during the day I´ll get a text or a call from him asking if we have plans for the evening. When we don´t have any plans I usually tell him that I had planned on catching up on some reading, to which he answers with “Cool. I´ll catch up on Call Of Duty.”
Fair enough, right? When the kids are in bed I´ll be busy reading and he´ll be busy gaming. But that´s not how it works.

I´ll prep my reading bed on the sofa and get comfy and he´ll…. while his game uploads he´ll turn to me and start talking, even though I´ve already started to read.

“You won´t guess what happened today.” He´ll say.

I haven´t mastered multi – tasking yet so I can´t really listen to him and read at the same time. So I stop reading and listen. Hours later ( including multiple interruptions ) he´ll ask, “Am I interrupting you?”

No. I love it when I can´t finished a 10 page chapter in 2 hours. All´s perfect. Keep the questions rolling. It´s not like the book I´m TRYING to read means anything to me.


Next is my own mother. Bless her. I really love to her bits ( Mom, if you´re reading this please don´t call me at 7 a.m and ask what has gotten into me ) but my mom doesn´t care about interrupting me while I´m reading. As an avid reader herself, and a full-blown Goddess at multi – tasking. She´ll see a book in my hand and the look on my face and she´ll even listen to me whine. “Mom, hurry up, this book is good.”

She´ll give me the stinker look and say,

“At your age I…..”

I will leave that uncommented.



Then there´s the phone issue.

I´m not a fan of phones. Not when they decide to function while I´m reading. That damn thing is on fire when I pick up a book. It hasn´t necessarily helped that I´ve gotten rid of all  bookish social media apps and email notifications. No. I´ve come to learn that Whatsapp is my biggest enemy. The second I pick up a book I get a Whatsapp text. I give up after the tenth beep and fifth phone call.

Why not turn my phone off? I would if people wouldn´t start calling the landline because I don´t react to their messages or calls on my smart phone. Either way – I´m doomed.

A few honorable mentions go out to:

  • The mailman
  • The Lady who sells home-grown potatoes once a week
  • Jehovah´s Witnesses

These people can´t smell that they´ve interrupted my reading session so I can´t really complain about them. They just get me at a bad time while others tend to interrupt me on purpose.


There are 3 people who I CANNOT add to my special list.

Both my girls and my bestie, Mirjam.

My girls are like me- They love reading and spend a good amount of time hidden somewhere in the house and start groaning when someone ( mainly their dad ) interrupts them.

Mirjam is anal when it comes to reading so there´s a silent understanding on her part.

The rest? Everyone else is just vicious and cruel and they all have no problems what – so – ever interrupting me while I´m reading.

I´m not always blessed with endless hours to read. Sometimes life gets in my way and I have no other choice than to put any kind of reading on hold. But when I do have time?

Ha! When I have time.

The only time I have completely to myself, without ANY interruptions is at the ass crack of dawn when everyone around me is peacefully snoring and dreaming of ways to interrupt me while I´m reading.



It´s not that I´m ungrateful. I do love having friends over and I enjoy spending time with my mother and I still love my husband… It´s just that they all have this sense that it´s okay to interrupt the reading lady when she´s not paying attention to the outside world.

I assure you, it´s not okay. It´s actually rude. I don´t squat down on the grass next to my mother in – law who´s reading outside next to her mosquito infested pond. I don´t even interrupt my husband when he´s checking his fb updates. Why? Because I know how annoying it is when you´re busy and someone wants to ask you a really insignificant question.

It feels like the world around me doesn´t read and therefore cannot understand what it means to be interrupted.


My only wish is for some peace while reading.


Do you get interrupted while reading? What do you do when people can´t take a hint?


Hope you all have a lovely day.

Much love,

Morgana, the desperate book blogger ❤



Book Review: Cry, Heart, But Never Break – Glenn Ringtved

synopsis 2

Aware their grandmother is gravely ill, four siblings make a pact to keep death from taking her away. But Death does arrive all the same, as it must. He comes gently, naturally. And he comes with enough time to share a story with the children that helps them to realize the value of loss to life and the importance of being able to say goodbye.


My Thoughts 2

`Cry, Heart, But Never Break` by Glenn Ringtved is truly a treasure to have.

cry heart

Unfortunately, I wasn´t the one who purchased this book. I didn´t even know this book existed until my husband brought it home the other day.

The reason for that was: My husband´s work colleague´s brother in-law passed at a young age and he wanted to explain the meaning of death to his own children. To help them understand why their uncle wasn´t with them anymore, but help them understand in a child-like way.

My husband´s colleague googled for books and found this award-winning children´s book.

The only problem was: The book hasn´t been translated in german and his children don´t understand english, yet. He asked if I could translate this book for him so he could help his children understand what had happened.

I didn´t hesitate. Translating 32 pages is a piece of cake, especially when there´s only 2 sentences per page.

First off, I would like to say that this book is, indeed, perfect for children who are confronted with the loss of a beloved family member. I´d even go so far and say that adults should take a look inside this book, too.

The cover image and illustration art might not be overly inviting for children but it fits it´s purpose.

This isn´t a book about how to sugar coat death and make children believe in something we have no proof of knowing…

There is no mention of God or Heaven. No one sits on a cloud and looks down at the people still living. That option is left for a reader to include ( should they feel the need to add that kind of spirituality at the end of the story ).

This book get´s to the point with little words. It breaks your heart and gives you a sense of warmth in a time of sadness.


“What would life be worth if there were no death? Who would enjoy the sun if it never rained? Who would yearn for day if there were no night?”  – Death

Sometimes adults fail to find the right words to help children understand. But there are books like this one that´ll help in the best way possible.


Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. For all ages. It´s important for children to deal with certain situations because there are things that can´t be prevented, such as death. I´m not one to shove the issue in a child´s face but when someone beloved passes then I´ll definitely reach out for this book and tackle the topic.


Would I re – read this book? Yes and no. Although beautiful, it still is sad.


The Cover – 3 stars ( I think the illustration is a tad gloomy but it fits the topic.)

The Story – 5 stars ( It helps small minds and makes larger minds sit back and think. A fantastic read. Perfect.)

The Characters –  ( I don´t think it´s necessary to rate Death and the children who spent time with him. This is not something where character development plays a role.)

My emotional state after finishing this read – Teary. I had a hard time swallowing down the lump in my throat. But I also felt completely satisfied and less shattered than I thought I would be.

5 stars

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