How do I review and rate a book?

Book reviews are a tricky business. 

Reading a book is the easiest thing in the world. Reviewing a book is unfortunately not always so simple. Let´s not forget to mention how difficult it is to rate a book * sigh *.

 Books are a matter of taste and when it comes to reviewing and rating  I´m a very picky person ( That sounds kind of harsh * ducking head *)

I´m, by no means, a paid professional reviewer. But due to my 6 year review experience ( including my work with several NYT Bestselling authors ) I think it´s safe to say I can judge a book. I treat every book I read with my upmost respect and I will always give my honest opinion in my reviews.  

Before I start any review I try to spend a full day thinking about the story I read. 

  • Was the story entertaining / educational on any level?
  • Was the story predictable / unpredictable?
  • Was the core of the story good?
  • Could I relate to the characters / feel their pain?
  • Were the characters realistic / did they have a voice?
  • Was the ending satisfying?
  • Was the story well written? Confusing?
  • Were there typos? Editorial errors? Were there too many or just a few?
  • The storytelling ability

Those are the important points for me because I believe a story without good characters, lacking the ability to entertain me.. a story that´s predictable AND one that has an unsatisfying ending is not really the best kind of story, don´t you agree?

Still- I´m one of many book bloggers out there and whatever I liked / disliked about a story doesn´t mean another has to share my opinion. 

Every author deserves respect and that is what they´ll get from me. 

Whatever I feel for any book I finish I will definitely share it with the world. 

Now- how do I rate a book?

That´s actually tough. When I finish judging a story I think about how many stars I should give. The star system is nothing new- just a 1-5 stars with 1 being a not so good and 5 being absolutely amazing. 

This is where alot of confusion sets in because alot of people consider 3 stars as a terrible rating. It´s not. In fact- 3 is more than half of 5 and that means it´s still a good  rating.

To make this easier for everyone I´d like to show what the 1-5 star rating means for me.Ready? 

5 stars – Absolutely fantastic book! Fully recoommendable.

4 stars – a great read that I can also recommend.

3 stars – It was an okay read. Mostly not my cup of tea but still an okay story

2 stars – A story not for me. 

1 star – Nope. 

See? It´s really simple. 

I´ve noticed alot of blogs not wanting to rate a book with less than 3 stars because they don´t want to “ruin” an authors career. I don´t share that philosophy.

Yes. I give out 1 and 2 stars because I feel it´s important. Sometimes I don´t like a book, which is only natural. The only thing I will never do, not even with a 1 star rated book, is to disrespect the author. I will simply state my thoughts. 


I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions- just hit me up via email or hunt me down on FB or Twitter. 

Much love,

Morgana xx