Hi. It´s me.


A rather unflattering picture of myself, but hey… A girl´s gotta use what a girl has, right?

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I´m not one to hoard millions of selfies on my laptop or phone. In reality- I belong to the fools who fail at selfies. I´ve tried to study the art of light, postition and duckfaces but… I can´t. I don´t have it in me to create a selfie worth showing ( fat fingers are a reason for selfie fails, too). Besides, what´s the purpose of a selfie if you can also ask another person to take a picture, right? Anyways….

Welcome to my Book Photography Portfolio!

My main focus is on anything book related. From actual paperback / hardcover books to pen & paper, bookmarks, coffee mugs & tea cups, etc. I´m here to present my work to the public and hope my portfolio is interesting enough and that some of my pics earn a smile, comment or like.

I´m a humble hobby photographer for books and book related stuff. Anything you see has been sloppily worked on within a few minutes or an hour, tops ( depending on the day / my mood / the weather ). Also, filters are my friends. * G * Without filters my work would definitely look like it´s been done while driving by or they´d look like total accidents.

But what I do hope shines through the most is the love I put in each uploaded picture.

What You´ll See In My Portfolio

To sum it up- You´ll get to see book pictures & book related photos. And every once in a while I´ll add some private life stills to mix it up a bit.

Another project of mine is my Morgana´s Book Box Instagram project, where I combine paperback books with a beaten up wooden box. It´s book promotion done differently and it´s an awesome way of taking a break from reading and typing up reviews for books.

If you haven´t already, feel free to look me up on Instagram and follow, comment or like ( Or none of the three. Your choice ).

Have a lovely day.


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