Reading List – March 2018

Because working off Febuary´s reading list was so successful I thought I´d go ahead and introduce March´s reading list.

I wish I had more time to include more than just a handful of books for this month. But I think my husband might not appreciate me reading on our 13th wedding anniversay, which is also on St. Patrick´s Day! Also, I think my friends would kick me to the curb if I showed up at their birthday parties with a book.

I´m not even going to try to do that this year. ( Yes. I´ve tried it once. Didn´t go down so well. *g* )

Do I have major plans besides letting my hubby take me to dinner and help my friends become older? Yes! I plan to read 4 books.

It´s going to be a romantic kind of month:



Well, semi romantic. I´ve heard great things about The Silver Cage. It´s supposed to be a tragic read. Have any of you read it yet?

Then There Was You  – Claire Contreras ( romance )

The Silver Cage – Anonymous  ( dark romance, LGBT)

Brighter Than The Sun – Briana Pacheco ( romance )

Forgetting Me, Remembering You – Monica James ( romance)

All 4 are highly anticipated reads and I cannot wait to get my hands on these!


In case you´re wondering what happened to the Febuary books- Do not fear! Reviews are near! Be sure to look out for my Febuary recap to check out my ratings and thoughts.


I bid you all a wonderful weekend! Stay safe and take care.

Much love,

Morgana xoxo