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Monster in His Eyes ( Monster in His Eyes #1)

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Happy Monday, world!

Let´s get into book talk mode. Topic of the day?

Dark Romances and the nasty book hangovers attached.

Have you ever suffered from a book hangover? I have. Many others have. A book hangover is when you´ve finished a book and realize you aren´t ready to jump back into the real world. You´re still in the book world. For me- Book hangovers are a tad more dramatic. I´m a daydreamer. When I finish a book ( and I loved the story ) I tend to suffer for a super long time, thinking about the events characters went through, if I would have acted differently, etc. Weird, I know.  Thank God I don´t suffer all too often from those pesky feelings.

When I think of book hangovers I think of one author- J.M. Darhower.


I remember, way back in the early blogging days, when rumor had it that J.M. Darhower would release a new novel, `Monster in His Eyes`. Soon the cover reveal made it´s rounds through social media and I… well, I was reluctant to read the book because of the hype readers/bloggers created. I avoid overly hyped books with a passion because I always get disappointed when my expectations are too high.

Needless to say- I ended up buying the paperback a month after the book released.

What I thought would be another sappy romance turned out to be an action packed, nerve wrecking, gut turning, dark ( with a hint of erotic ) romance. A romance about a hitman who´s on a mission but get´s distracted along the way and needs ( seriously NEEDS) to stay focused on his task(s). Let´s just say that Ignazio / Naz is one unique character who you will fall head over heels for, no matter what he does.

For me, reading this book felt like I was a fly on the wall, in a room filled with dangerous Italian mafia, spying.

Jesus! What a mindblow story.

`Monster in His Eyes` sucks you right in and grabs tight, leaving you no other choice but to keep reading. The writing style is a joy. The characters are fabulous. I just have so much love for this book, it´s not even healthy, anymore. ( said the book psycho who´s writing this article)

And the best part? There´s a second book to `Monster in His Eyes`.

`Torture to Her Soul` picks up right where `Monster in His Eyes` left off. Let me tell you…. It´s different but OH SO GOOD. I´m surprised I didn´t have heart problems while reading the second installment because it´s filled with action, love and lots of angsty moments. Let´s say the story is brutally romantic.

Then there´s book #3, `Target on Our Backs`. What can I say that I haven´t already said? It´s just a piece of wonderful mafia art. A nice conclusion to a fab story with great sub-characters worth remembering * wink wink * ( Check out the Scarlet Scars 1&2)

I loved it. You´ll love it. My girl ( and fellow book chica) Kristi from over at KristiesBook Knook loves it.

You should listen to the convo´s Kristi and I have over these books. They´re worth gold.

For me, J.M. Darhower is a Goddess of dark romances.

As for my mug: the poor thing slipped in the J.M. Darhower shadow.

I call my red mug the Mafia Cup. For one- It´s red. Red suits a dark read, especially when there´s violence involved. Plus my mafia mug can hold a decent amount of hot chocolate which allows me to enjoy a few chapters before having to refill.

I can´t recall what possessed me to buy a red mug, though. I´m usually more of a cold color type ( lots of gray, blue, purple, etc.). All I remember is walking through the GreenGate shop and thinking “Why the hell not?”, which isn´t really a good reason to buy something.  A knee-jerk purchase I haven´t regretted….yet.


That´s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed Mug Monday!

Until next week!

Morgana xxx

Book Info

Title:  Monster in His Eyes (#1), Torture to Her Soul ( #2 ), Target on Our Backs ( #3 ) monster in his eyes

Author: J. M. Darhower

Publication Date: 2014, 2014, 2016

Genre: Dark, Adult, Romance

Favorite Quote (s): ” Maybe Cinderella didn´t live happily ever after. Maybe, come midnight, she wanted to run away. Maybe her prince wouldn´t let her. Mine didn´t.” (Monster in His Eyes)torture in her soul

When you love people, you want what´s best for them, and sometimes what´s best for them isn´t you. ( Torture to Her Soul )

“Judge him by his actions and not by your suspicions” he says. “Because if the only measure of a man´s worth is what he does to make money, alot of good men would be judged unfairly.”  ( Target on Our Backs )

Purchase Links  target on our backs





Torture to Her Soul ( Monster in His Eyes #2)- J. M. Darhower

Book Description

Don’t say it unless you mean it…

It’s a simple concept, one I’ve said time and again, but something people don’t seem to comprehend. You should choose every syllable carefully, because you never know when somebody will hold you to your word.

Somebody like me.

I’m not a good man. I’m not. I know. I have enough darkness inside of me to rid the world of every stitch of light. But there’s one I could never harm, one light I couldn’t bring myself to snuff out.


She thinks I’m a monster, and maybe I am. I taunt her with my touch, get a thrill out of torturing her soul. But I’m not the only one. The world is full of monsters, and I’m not the most dangerous one out there.

Not even close…

God help me, I love her.

I do.

And God help anyone who tries to take her from me. 

My Thoughts

So God help me, I loved this book!

There´s hardly a day that goes by without thinking about Naz and Karissa. What a wonderful, 100% exciting story! And what´s best of all….it´s written from Naz´s POV  * dramatic faint *

For those of you who read book #1, Monster In His Eyes ( review here ) will find this story fulfilling in the best way ever. 

This book started off where book #1 ended- with Karissa hating Naz, and turned out to be an adventure of the two main characters trying desperately to win each others trust back without trying to hurt each other along the way.

* sigh * we all know that´s not possible. Love just doesn´t work that way. Lol. Not with Naz, and certainly not with Karissa.

Much to my delight…Naz and Karissa didn´t disappoint. Angst ( lots of it), love & sex  and, of course, their struggle to keep each other and make a decision between right and wrong. And let me tell you- some scenes sent chills down my spine ( in a good and bad way)!!

An absolute MUST READ about love that shouldn´t have existed to begin with.

The Cover – 3 stars ( * shaking head * Not feeling it. It´s fine but the title is better.)

The Story – 5 stars ( Just as brilliant as the first book only this time told from the Hero´s POV)

The Characters – 5 stars ( Intense, hot, BRILLIANT )

My emotional state after finishing this read: I needed lots of wine to recover from the action and relationship drama.

I´m giving `Torture to Her Soul`( Monster in His Eyes #2), by J. M. Darhower, 5 out of 5 stars!


This book is available on


SPOTLIGHT for `Into The Dark` – Scarlett Drake

Let me introduce you to `Into the Dark`, sequel to A Dark Fall, by Wattpad writer Scarlett Drake.

There are some amazing writers on Wattpad yet I´ve only found one writer who can satisfy my needs when it comes to romance. Scarlett Drake. Oh yeah, that woman can write up a mean story that will flip your stomach over and make your heart beat at an unnatural speed.

We met Jake and Alex in the first installment `A Dark Fall ` and it wasn´t love at first sight just for the characters. Though complete opposites, Jake and Alex stayed together until the writer flushed all our hopes down the toilet with a simple upload of the last chapter that left us readers with an ugly, total cry worthy cliffhanger.



Remember that last line? It ripped my heart out.

I felt dull, empty and at a total loss without Jake and Alex.

Before I had a chance to turn my bedroom into a proper cave ( makeshift tents rule!) Scarlett Drake uploaded the next part of Jake and Alex´s journey.

The beginning is awesome and cruel at the same time! Where´s Jake? What the Hell is Alex doing? Who is Laurent and why does he exist? Why is he with Alex and how much money do I need to pay the writer to get rid of Laurent? I´m talking business here- Jake and Alex were perfect together. It was hard to read about her and another guy.

Fortunately- Heartbreak and heartache have done enough damage to Alex and I was relieved to see the story continue without Laurent ( that was a close call, folks * wipe sweat off forehead * )

Alex was ruined without Jake in her life yet she still managed to function on the outside. Weeks passed without a word from Jake until the day of her best friends wedding. BAM!


Seriously, people. I nearly passed out when Jake popped back into the picture. My heart fluttered something fierce. JAKE! HE´S BACK! * cover face with pillow to dampen my scream *

He was back but he acted a bit reserved towards Alex. Okay, fine. I understood that. You don´t run into each others arms after the kind of break up they had. Right. Not saying I didn´t hope for that to happen, though. * gg *

Nevertheless- after they saw each other again things slowly went into motion ( and I was once again a happy reader )

And they had sex. Hot sex. Oh, yes. Awesome sex. The kind everyone wished they had themselves.


In my opinion- Jake owns oral sex. He should get a medal for best „eater“


It´s quite fascinating because Jakes actually worships Alex´s beaver as if it´s sacred. Jake makes other book Heros look like their searching for gold in the promise land.

There´s so much going on in this story. Just when you think everything is fine you get knocked over. Alex is going through alot, Jake has alot on his plate to deal with… together they try but life just get´s in their f*****g way! ( I need to calm down..Lol ) I´m not going to be a spoil-brat any longer. Just know that this is one emotional ride you don´t want to miss out on. An emotional Hell-ride with lots of angsty moments. The story feels real. The emotions even more so!

Scarlett Drake left me begging for more after every uploaded chapter on Wattpad and it´s not even finished yet.

`Into The Dark ` is a little over halfways written so we all still got some more reading ahead of us ( doing my PJ- Happy-Dance ) and that means a shit-load more can happen to Jake and Alex ( stopping my PJ-Happy-Dance ).

What will happen next? Let´s find out together!

To read `Into The Dark` all you need to do is click here and enjoy.

Don´t forget to hit the vote button and leave a comment.

We´ll meet again when Scarlett Drake finishes….. until then….. xxx