More From The Spam Treasure Box

My beloved spam box. Oh, how I´ve squealed with joy when I saw the 20+ messages in my spam box.

And because I had so much fun the last time I shared all my spam treasures, I thought it would be a great idea to enlighten you all once again.


Are you ready? I sure am. Let´s do this!




1. – I don´t accept incomplete pitches. You can´t just end a sentence where you want to. Go back and redo the pitch. Contact me again when you´re ready. 

spam 2.0

2. You got it all wrong, Dude. I wanted to be a lawyer. Not a paralegal. 

spam 2.1


3. It seems to be good?! Just good?! And what´s happening Brussels? Be more specific, dude!

spam 2.2



4. Uuhm, all I wanted was to reveal the cover trends I observed. ( insert pout )

.spam 2.5















5. I once told a girl in 2nd grade that everyone could rope skip, as it doesn´t require any qualifications, prior experience or specialized skills. All she needed was time and a rope. Poor girl lost a tooth afterwards. Just saying. 

spam 2.6












That´s it for now, folks. I hope you enjoyed the treasures from my bogus spam box.  Be sure to check out my previous spam treasures here.

Until next time.


Much love,

Morgana ❤

Spam Box Treasures

Remember the moment when you discovered your Spam Box?

I remember that moment. It took me quite some time to figure out I had a spam box on WordPress, though. Another inbox filled with all kinds of weird crap just waiting to be taken seriously? WOO HOO!

I admit, I had a minor Kelly Bundy moment while looking at the bursting – at – the – seams spam box. ( okay fine. A Mark Wahlberg moment )

But that moment only lasted for about 5 seconds.

Ever since that fateful day, I´ve been blessed with the most questionable – worthy spam comments made on my blog posts. Why are they questionable? Have a seat… I´ll gladly show you what treasures my spam box holds.


  1. Go home, take down. You´re drunk. But I will still take your last line as a compliment. 

spam 1


2. Jack, you don´t hug your parents just to make God happy. That´s absurd. You hug your parents when you need money. Get your facts straight, my man. 

spam 2.1


3. Jeez. And I thought I was Queen of changing topics.  

spam 3



4. What a coincidence, Herpies. What a coincidence.

spam 4


5. Go away, CandaceBold. No one asked you for your opinion. 

spam 5


6. The fact that you studied my 7 things about me…. I´m humbled. 

spam 6


See? Highly questionable comments that aren´t even topic related. I must say, though… Jack is my favorite spammer so far.

Be sure to return to my next Spam Box Treasures next month.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog post.


Much love,

Morgana ❤